About us

co|wana – we make it happen

About us

co|wana – we make it happen

Hi, it’s us!

Wouldn’t it be nice to find an agency that can do it all? You’ve come to the right place, because you will never hear us say: “Oh, we are afraid we can’t do this.” How far out an idea might sound in the beginning – we will turn it into reality! And because we have creative secret agents all over Germany, you don’t have to look for another partner for each new idea. Marketing, event management, promotion, PR, webdesign – we’ve got it all covered. Even though we have “just” a dozen people in our main office, we stay in constant contact with our graphic design teams in Munich and Berlin, our performance experts in Bremen and our trade show construcion pros in Berlin. All in all 30 experts that have your back at any moment.

Managing Director

Michael Wamser

Managing Director
Marketing Expert
Creativity Nonstop
co|wana Chief

Nadine Wamser

Numbers R Us
Trade Show Queen
"There's no impossible."
Corporate Affairs

Mathias Steinle

Corporate Affairs
Mr. Hard Facts
Invoice Hero
"Problem... solved."
Project Lead Event

Melanie Klug

Project Lead Event
Event Expert
Trade Show Wizard
"Klug means smart!"
Project Manager Event

Florian Lenhart

Project Manager Event
Concept Artist Marketing
Promotion Pro
"Did you know this word?"
Project Manager Event

Detlef Müller

Project Manager Event
Trade Show Veteran
Catering Champ
"Let me handle this."
Project Lead Media

Claudia Werner

Project Lead Media
Media Planning Wizard
Marketing Concepter
"This will be fun!"
Project Manager Media

Kerry Lee Comisky

Project Manager Media
Media Planning Expert
Commercials Champion
"Clients just love me."
Project Manager Media

Fabian Bachmann

Project Manager Media
Media Planning Apprentice
Promotion Veteran
"How does my hair look?"
Project Manager Media

Arnold Gabrieljan

Project Manager Media
Media Planning Apprentice
"Wow, a new video game!"
Project Manager Event

Jenny Wirsing

Project Manager Event
Event Planner
Trade Show Apprentice
"666, the number of beast"

Anke Brinkmann

Communications & PR
PR Pro
Industry Warhorse
"I've got so many ideas!"

Here’s what you get

We don’t launch our marketing and communication solutions aimlessly into the wild blue yonder. And while our services might seem countless, they are always precisely tailored to your needs – and realizeed in the best way possible. You can expect the best – because we aproach our projects with an open mind and an open heart.



Media Planung | Realization | Concepting


Online | Offline | Reporting

Event & Promo

Trade Shows | Car Construction | Promotion

Text & Design

Print | Online


Augmented Reality | Virtual Reality

IT Solutions

Online-Solutions| Shop-Systems


  • “co|wana? An always professional, reliable and friendly partner in all of our business endeavours. We’ve been a partner of co|wana’s shared trade show stand at gamescom 2014 and have been taken care of perfectly – in a pleasing atmosphere and with a high degree of professionalism. Our favorite thing? co|wana’s extremely friendly and personal support before, during and after the trade show.”

    Thomas Bayer, Generell Manager, Webguidez Entertainment GmbH

  • “co|wana has been our partner in all things media and trade shows for many years – and in a most successfull way. What do we value most? Friendly interaction, a high degree of professionalism and super-smooth communication – always.”

    Vitus Hoffmann, Director, Web Media Publishing AG

Smells like co|wana spirit


One Cool Team

We are seasoned experts, rookies, career changers and degree holders – everybody is different, but everybody is on top of his game. What’s connecting us is the co|wana spirit: flat hierarchies, feel-good atmosphere and a great sense of humor – we dont take ourselves too seriously.



Everybody should have experienced them at least once: our legendary brainstorming sessions – the basis for each and every concept. And if you were in the meeting room, you would ask yourself sonner than later: “Am I really in Germany?”


We’re on it!

We don’t just work to make money. We have a genuine interest thta our clients reach their goals – or dare we say their dreams? That’s why we constantly evalueate each project and keep you up-to-date with crystal-clear reports.


You have something in mind? Let us realize it together!

It doesn’t hurt to ask!